Social Science

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Subclass BF

BF1-990 Psychology

BF38-64 Philosophy. Relation to other topics

BF173-175.5 Psychoanalysis

BF176-176.5 Psychological tests and testing

BF180-198.7 Experimental psychology

BF203 Gestalt psychology

BF207-209 Psychotropic drugs and other substances

BF231-299 Sensation. Anesthesiology

BF309-499 Consciousness. Cognition Including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, imagination, genius, intelligence, thought and thinking, psycholinguistics, mental fatigue

Subclass HM

HM(1)-1281 Sociology

(HM1-299) These are obsolete numbers no longer used by the Library of Congress

HM435-477 History of sociology. History of sociological theory

HM461-473 Schools of sociology. Schools of social thought

HM481-554 Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects

HM621-656 Culture

HM661-696 Social control

HM701 Social systems

HM706 Social structure

HM711-806 Groups and organizations

HM756-781 Community

HM786-806 Organizational sociology. Organization theory

HM811-821 Deviant behavior. Social deviance

HM826 Social institutions

HM831-901 Social change

HM1001-1281 Social psychology

HM1041-1101 Social perception. Social cognition Including perception of the self and others, prejudices, stereotype

HM1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior

HM1176-1281 Social influence. Social pressure

Sociology & Psychology 

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