Adult Education

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Subclass LC

LC8-6691 Special aspects of education

LC8-59 Forms of education

LC8 General works

LC15 Conversation and culture

LC25-33 Self-education. Self-culture

LC37-44.3 Home education

LC45-45.8 Nonformal education

LC47-58.7 Private school education

LC58-58.7 Preparatory schools. Preparatory school education

LC59 Public school education

LC65-245 Social aspects of education

LC65-67.68 Economic aspects of education

LC68-70 Demographic aspects of education

LC71-120.4 Education and the state

LC72-72.5 Academic freedom

LC107-120.4 Public school question. Secularization. Religious instruction in the public schools

LC129-139 Compulsory education

LC142-148.5 Attendance. Dropouts

LC149-161 Literacy. Illiteracy

LC165-182 Higher education and the state

LC184-188 Taxation of schools and colleges

LC189-214.53 Educational sociology

LC212-212.863 Discrimination in education

LC212.9-212.93 Sex differences in education

LC213-214.53 Educational equalization. Right to education

LC215-238.4 Community and the school

LC223 Schools as community centers

LC225-226.7 Home and school

LC230-235 Parent-teacher associations. Home and school associations

LC237-238.4 College-university and the community

LC241-245 Foundations, endowments, funds

LC251-951 Moral and religious education

LC251-318 Moral education. Character building

LC321-951 Religion and education. Education under church control

LC361-629 Christian education. Church education

LC446-454 Orthodox Eastern Church

LC461-510 Roman Catholic

LC531-629 Protestant

LC701-775 Jewish education

LC901-915 Islamic education

LC921-929.7 Buddhist education

LC951 Other

LC980-1099.5 Types of education

LC1001-1024 Humanistic education. Liberal education

LC1022-1022.25 Computer-assisted education

LC1025-1027 Collective education

LC1030 Communist education

LC1031-1034.5 Competency based education

LC1035-1035.8 Basic education. Basic skills education

LC1036-1036.8 Community education

LC1037-1037.8 Career education

LC1041-1048 Vocational education (General)

LC1049-1049.8 Cooperative education

LC1051-1072 Professional education

LC1081-1087.4 Industrial education (General)

LC1090-1091 Political education

LC1099-1099.5 Multicultural education (General)

LC1200-1203 Inclusive education

LC1390-5160.3 Education of special classes of persons

LC1390 Men. Boys

LC1401-2572 Women. Girls

LC2574-2576 Gays. Lesbians. Bisexuals

LC2580-2582 Student-athletes

LC2601-2611 Education in developing countries

LC2630-2638 Asian Americans. Asians in the United States

LC2667-2698 Latin Americans. Hispanic Americans

LC2680-2688 Mexican Americans. Mexicans in the United States

LC2690-2698 Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans in the United States

LC2699-2913 Blacks. African Americans

LC3001-3501 Asians

LC3503-3520 Romanies. Gypsies

LC3530-3540 Lapps

LC3551-3593 Jews

LC3701-3740 Immigrants or ethnic and linguistic minorities. Bilingual schools and bilingual education

LC3745-3747 Children of immigrants (First generation)

LC3950-4806.5 Exceptional children and youth. Special education

LC3991-4000 Gifted children and youth

LC4001-4806.5 Children and youth with disabilities. Learning disabled children and youth

LC4812-5160.3 Other special classes

LC5161-5163 Fundamental education

LC5201-6660.4 Education extension. Adult education. Continuing education

LC5451-5493 Aged education

LC5501-5560 Evening schools

LC5701-5771 Vacation schools. Summer schools

LC5800-5808 Distance education

LC5900-6101 Correspondence schools

LC6201-6401 University extension

LC6501-6560.4 Lyceums and lecture courses. Forums

LC6571-6581 Radio and television extension courses. Instruction by radio and television

LC6601-6660.4 Reading circles and correspondence clubs

LC6681 Education and travel

LC6691 Traveling educational exhibits

Women as learners : the significance of gender in adult learning

by Hayes, Elisabeth.

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The adult student's guide to survival & success

by Siebert, Al.

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Back in school : a guide for adult learners

by Shields, Charles J.

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Helping adults learn

by Knox, Alan Boyd

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Improving higher education environments for adults : responsive programs and services from entry to departure

by Schlossberg, Nancy K.

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Insider's guide for returning veterans

by Wood, Michael

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African American men in college

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A struggle to survive : funding higher education in the next century

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100 things every online student ought to know

by Christ, Frank L.

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Elderlearning : new frontier in an aging society

by Lamdin, Lois S.

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Flexible learning in a digital world : experiences and expectations

by Collis, Betty.

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Non-credit instruction : a guide for continuing and adult education programs. Book.

by Oldham, Lea Leever.

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Continuous quality improvement in higher education

by Dew, John R.

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Understanding and engaging under-resourced college students : a fresh look at economic class and its influence on teaching and learning in higher education

by Becker, Karen A.

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Increasing persistence : research-based strategies for college student success

by Habley, Wesley R.

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